12.01.22 musical invitations

The Dark Side alone could not suffice:
I’d already Safaried the surface of the Moon.
“Where you gonna go, where you gonna run to
when you get to the edge of the night?”
Break the wall, release the light.
Master the Tide,
“that’s when something wild calls you home.”
Then we’ll know our music,
and mystery,
I guess this is something like a mixtape,
a chorus of voices in our ears;
or a Choose Your Own Adventure,
full of internal reference.
C’mon Tanner (nix Jagger), let’s play
Truth and dare,
a game of hide and seek.
Have a little fun.
Cheesy, maybe,
but how’s my baking now?
(room for improvement, I confess)
à Dieu <grin>
’til the day we compose our own stories.

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