01.23.23 go away

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

Move along.

When I reviewed it a second time. I had to stop at my morose, unintentionally affected intonation of the word “abandoned.” Aaand the line that follows. I just could not handle the cringe factor and laughed at a far more amused new round of omg go away! Whyyy, whyyyyyyy?!?! Lisa just delete this, for god’s sake!

Nope. As much as it makes me squirm in near agony, I’m keeping it, for god’s sake!

That I couldn’t hear myself the first time around, and can hear it so clearly now, just a few weeks later, is really saying something about all the release work I’ve been doing. Pent up emotions affect everything we say and do, however insensitive we may be to it.

So, yeah, seriously just move along. Go away. Nothing to see here.

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