02.20.23 The Muser’s Ready Room on You Tube

I’ve finally uploaded a few videos!
Here’s a link to a live stream that outlines the basic mechanics of the human creative process:

Creative Matrix Basics

This is a video I recorded after attending a beautiful, stirring live performance of “intimate cello” tuned to 432Hz, (featuring a guest-star appearance by Freud’s observant ghost), articulating the insights I gained into some of the dynamic interactions in this four-dimensional archetypal creative matrix—particularly the vital role of the son/brother archetype—as well as going a bit further about the scope and depth of social cohesion (what we call spirituality).
Essentially, I discovered the source of strong emergent creativity without quite realizing it—the moment the son begins empowering himself to begin pushing back against the patriarchal narratives that have inhibited his emotional expression:

Stellar call and response [I’m editing this video down for better focus and brevity]

And a very short introduction to the creative foundation of the personal aesthetic, playing off a teeny smidge from Kant’s Critique of Judgement:

Joy as a universal baseline for the personal aesthetic

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