03.22.21 no dirt, no daisies

I take a side trail from my thesis,
because all roads lead back home.

“I articulate these things in part to help myself, and also to help others who may not yet appreciate the organic and natural brilliance of their own hyper-attentive idiosyncrasies in a culture suicidally determined to apply the industrial, factory-informed assembly-line model to most of human creative endeavor…

…It’s no wonder this thesis has taken me so long. Sometimes it’s like being a chihuahua sent out as part of the party on a fox hunt: trembling and tail-tucked, dodging the baying hounds, shrinking from the coat-bearing, horn-blasting riders astride living, breathing, snorting beasts barreling through the brush—scrambling out from under the heavy drumming ground-churning hoof-beats of their horses.
(oh, there’s the flow.)

But this fox is definitely worth finding, and this chihuahua aspect of myself is the one most keenly oriented to the objective. Someone brought it along on the hunt for a reason that was probably more than absurdist amusement.

Link to full post: no dirt, no daisies

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