04.22.21 Self-acculturation

Happy Earth Day! I wrote a rough draft of an essay to celebrate. I may or may not come back and refine and/or pilfer from it. Here are some excerpts:

“To claim, to describe, a crisis we must draw on referentials derived necessarily from a desirable state of non-crisis.

Nature is desire, manifested. What else can it be? A hungry animal doesn’t simulate lack. It desires food. The planet is teeming with desire in the form of creatures, flowers, plants, rivers, oceans, insects, earthquakes, eruptions, storms . . . what are they other than the pure expression of planetary passions, various and emanating, disseminating, desire brought to life?


Of course, we too are nature. There is no dialectical relationship between “humanity” and “nature,” only a simulation of separation…

We are all cells in a social organism—cellmates—inhabiting the dermal microbiome of the planet itself: a body thrumming with desire for life, and wellbeing. What kind of co-author will you be?”

Link to full post: Self-acculturation

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